Shopstack prides itself on forming strategic partnerships with leading technology platforms in the global and local digital commerce landscape.
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
Leveraging AWS’s expansive cloud computing services enables us to offer scalable, secure cloud solutions, ensuring robust infrastructure for digital commerce platforms of any scale.
Microsoft Azure
Our partnership with Microsoft Azure enhances our digital commerce offerings with reliable, scalable cloud services. Azure's diverse capabilities in AI, analytics, and security enable us to deliver high-performance, secure digital commerce platforms, ensuring businesses of all sizes meet their operational and compliance needs efficiently.
Google Cloud Platform
Collaborating with Google Cloud Platform allows us to harness advanced cloud technologies, including powerful data analytics and machine learning. This partnership ensures our digital commerce solutions are scalable, innovative, and secure, providing clients with a seamless and resilient online shopping experience.
Magento (Adobe Commerce)
Teaming up with Magento, we provide customizable, scalable e-commerce solutions for businesses looking for growth and international reach, using Magento’s flexible platform as a powerful base.
Our partnership with Shopify empowers retailers to innovate and scale their online stores, combining Shopify’s intuitive platform with our digital commerce expertise for standout customer experiences.
Our partnership with Salesforce transforms digital commerce through its CRM platform, enabling personalized shopping experiences with its e-commerce and marketing tools. This collaboration boosts customer engagement, loyalty, and growth, supported by seamless integration and insights, all within a secure environment.
AudienceIQ brings specialized regional insights into consumer behavior, enhancing our ability to tailor digital marketing strategies. Our partnership enriches our data-driven approaches, ensuring targeted, effective engagement across digital commerce platforms.
Antsomi is a pioneer in AI-driven customer data platforms, and our collaboration allows us to harness cutting-edge technology to unify and activate customer data, driving personalized marketing campaigns and improving customer experiences.

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