Bespoke Digital Commerce Experiences:
Your Vision, Our Creation

Our service crafts innovative E-commerce platforms for brands and retailers, delivering intuitive and scalable solutions that redefine digital commerce and customer satisfaction.

Our Creation for
The Mall Group

In our collaboration with The Mall Group, we provided
E-commerce solutions to enhance their digital presence
and operational efficiency for a robust online store,
and comprehensive back-end systems.

Front-end solutions

⏺ E-commerce website
⏺ Mobile application

Back-end solutions

⏺ Order Management
⏺ Pick, Pack, Ship Fulfillment and more

Our Creation for Copperwired

Since 2020, we've been the tech backbone for Copperwired, delivering comprehensive
E-commerce solutions for both front-end and back-end development. Our dedicated services ensure stringent security compliance. Successfully powering platforms like iStudio, Dotlife, and KOAN.

Front-end solutions

⏺ E-commerce website

Back-end solutions

⏺ Security Compliance
⏺ Order Management and more

Empowering Projects with Years of Proven Expertise

Industry Insight and Expertise
High-Visibility Projects Delivered
Extensive Experience Across Southeast
Committed to Crafting Digital Solutions
Tailored Commercial Models
Your business, your model, customized resources for your needs.
Turnkey Projects
Seamless project execution from inception to delivery with our all-in-one solutions tailored to your specifications. Our team manages and develops your software solution based on your detailed requirements from start to finish.
Managed Teams
Partner closely with our expert teams to drive your projects forward. We collaborate closely with you, providing dedicated product development teams led by project managers who oversee the entire process to ensure success.
Team Augmentation
Enhance your project capabilities with additional expertise, whether for short-term tasks or ongoing support. Integrate our dedicated teams seamlessly into your product development workflow, under your management guidance.
Our Services
Shopstack leads in E-commerce innovation, advising on technology and providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies and key players in Thailand and SEA region.
Transforming your online business with tailored solutions to boost sales and enhance customer experiences
Harnessing customer relationships and data insights to drive personalized marketing strategies and business growth
Data Integration and Management
Streamlining your data ecosystem for enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency across your organization
Channel Management
Optimizing your sales channels for maximum reach and effectiveness in the digital marketplace
Web and Mobile Development
Crafting engaging web and mobile solutions to elevate your brand and delight your customers
Cloud Infrastructure and Security
Building secure and scalable cloud solutions to safeguard your data and propel your business forward

Ready to elevate
your online business